Hello Gorgeous!

Our salon continues to be a Hello Gorgeous Affiliated Salon who do Ambush Makeovers on ladies with cancer from our local community. If you wish to nominate your loved one please visit hellogorgeous.org nominate & pick our affiliated salon for one of our future makeovers.

Hello Gorgeous! is a non-profit organization that is restoring the beauty that cancer steals. They create a Red-Carpet Experience for these women beginning with a nomination by family and friends that, if chosen, includes surprising her with flowers, chocolates and big “Hello Gorgeous!” She is pampered with spa services such as manicure, pedicure and facial, as well as instruction in new makeup application and hair care (or hair substitution methods advantages to her individual issues, helping many times to:

Appear much less affected by her treatments

Strengthen her confidence

Empower her to feel more acceptable to the public eye

And, more importantly, more acceptable to herself